Official bike rental


Official bike rental

Valua Travel

The official bike rental service of Tradeinn International Triathlon 140.6INN.
Whether you need a bike to compete in 140.6INN or if you are a companion and want to encourage your friends in every possible way, Trek Travel offers you the best bikes reviewed and ready to use throughout the week.

Fill in this form to order your bike for Tradeinn International Triathlon 140.INN.

Pick up date | Return deadline



Until 31/01/2022 or until 1200 registrations onwards!


From 1/02/2022 or as from 1200 registred!

Registration and information Age Groups and ParaTriathlon

TRADEINN, offers the possibility of bonus registrations at the price of € 149.95 for clubs that register 10 or more athletes in Age Groups and ParaTriathlon. For this, you must contact, to channel these requests.