Communiqué officiel

Hello Triathletes,
We regret to announce news that we never wanted to share: The Tradeinn International Triathlon will NOT take place in 2024.

As many of you know, an event of this scale relies on numerous factors, including obtaining necessary authorizations from relevant governing bodies.

While we managed to secure these authorizations in previous years, regrettably, we were unable to do so for next year´s edition.

This unfortunate turn of events is due to the refusal by the Santa Cristina d´Aro Town Council to authorize the race route passing through its municipality, along with information from the Servei Català del Trànsit stating that it cannot guarantee the use of alternative roads in place of this municipality. Consequently, we find ourselves unable to ensure the cycling route for next year´s race.

Under no circumstances would Tradeinn launch an event or sell registrations without the certainty that it could proceed. Therefore, we are left with no choice but to discontinue the event for the upcoming year.

We deeply regret that a race fully financed by a private company, with an annual investment exceeding half a million euros, will no longer take place due to a political decision. This cancellation has far-reaching consequences, including the direct layoff of several employees, non-engagement with over 40 companies (comprising a workforce of 600 people who contributed to the event each year), the absence of more than 3,000 visitors to the province of Girona during the race weekend, the loss of the triathlon event with the highest prize money in Catalonia (€40,000), and the absence of the province of Girona´s sole long-distance triathlon.

Over the past three editions, we have united more than 5,000 sports enthusiasts who have fulfilled their dreams in the picturesque settings of the province of Girona. If there´s anything we wish to hold onto, it´s the memory of your smiles as you crossed the finish line, your tears of emotion, and the understanding that the 140.6INN will forever remain a part of your lives: Once a finisher, always a finisher!

We extend our gratitude to the Platja d´Aro Town Hall and the Spanish Triathlon Federation for their unwavering support throughout these three editions.

Athletes with pending transfers will be contacted by the Spanish Triathlon Federation to offer a transfer to the Spanish Long Distance Championships in 2024.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for these three years, and we hope to have the opportunity to welcome you back in the future.

Best regards,