The race -

About us


Welcome to the Long-Distance Triathlon that aims to become the most important in Europe.
We believe that with the resources we have and the environment we are in, we have the opportunity to make history.

Our environment

The province of Girona is a world reference in sport tourism, being its diversity of landscapes and emblematic roads key points to be considered a ´sport paradise´.



Tradeinn has a database of 6M active customers, with 20M monthly visits on average being 85% international users. This data, together with the TOP BRANDS worldwide, makes Tradeinn an international reference in E-Commerce.

Opportunity to create a unique event

Combining the privileged characteristics of the environment with the resources that an international reference E-Commerce such as Tradeinn can provide, the opportunity arises to create a unique event in the world: Tradeinn International Triathlon 140.6INN

A great festival of world sport, the first long-distance triathlon in the province of Girona. A great challenge and a unique experience. A global event with the ambitious objective of bringing together 3000 triathletes.

Being thus an event affordable for all pockets.

Undoubtedly, Tradeinn International Triathlon is a more than ambitious project. However, at Tradeinn we take on this challenge with enthusiasm and a lot of confidence in the project, because we know that, together with the help of the brands, we have all the necessary means to create an event that will be an international reference in the future.