You are just one step away from fulfilling your dream. Do you dare to be the FINISHER of one of the world´s most epic races in triathlon paradise? Entries are limited and are expected to sell out quickly. Register now and make sure you´re on the start line of the Tradeinn International Triathlon. Remember to follow us on social media to keep up to date with all the latest news and we look forward to seeing you on May 8th!


Until 31/01/2022 or until 1200 registrations onwards!


From 1/02/2022 or as from 1200 registred!

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Return policy

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25% money back guarantee

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Age Grups categories

The main ´target´ of a triathlon is the amateur athlete. That is why there will be a classification for each age group with a podium at the closing ceremony for the first three classified in each category, with the first classified being awarded a coupon of 250 euros to be spent in any Tradeinn store. The paratriathletes will also be awarded.

18 years -

24 years

25 years -

29 years

30 years -

34 years

35 years -

39 years

40 years -

44 years

45 years -

49 years

50 years -

54 years

55 years -

59 years

60 years -

64 years

65 years -

69 years

70 years -

74 years

75 years -

79 years

Registration of professional athletes

In order to qualify for the economic prizes it is necessary to register as a professional athlete. To do so, athletes must register in an ordinary way and request to participate in the PRO category via e-mail to the email address The organisation reserves the right to ask the athletes to prove this category by results in similar competitions.

PRO Register open from January 2022