100% reembolsable

100% refundable


Participants may request to cancel their registration for Tradeinn International Triathlon - 140.6INN. In this case, three options will be provided:

1- Postpone the race for free until 2022.

2- Redeem the registration for any test of the 100X100 Half franchise .

3- Refund of the registration fee:

100% of the registration for waivers before 01/31/2021
50% of the registration for waivers between 01/31/2021 and 04/31/2021
25% of the registration for waivers between 04/31/2021 and 05/15/2021
Returns will not be accepted to from 05/15/2021

To request any of the options, you must contact the organization via email:

COVID-19: In the event that the Tradeinn International Triathlon date is affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the organization undertakes to RETURN THE FULL AMOUNT of the test to participants who cannot or do not wish to compete on the new proposed date.

Age Grups categories

The main ´target´ of a triathlon is the amateur athlete. That is why there will be a classification for each age group with a podium at the closing ceremony for the first three classified in each category, with the first classified being awarded a coupon of 250 euros to be spent in any Tradeinn store. The paratriathletes will also be awarded.

18 years -

24 years

25 years -

29 years

30 years -

34 years

35 years -

39 years

40 years -

44 years

45 years -

49 years

50 years -

54 years

55 years -

59 years

60 years -

64 years

65 years -

69 years

70 years -

74 years

75 years -

79 years

Registration of professional athletes

In order to qualify for the economic prizes it is necessary to register as a professional athlete. To do so, athletes must register in an ordinary way and request to participate in the PRO category via e-mail to the email address The organisation reserves the right to ask the athletes to prove this category by results in similar competitions.


Registered list